Friday, September 9, 2011

Sounds so soulful don’t you agree?

Ew, she's not going to continue a post about something that happened almost two weeks ago, is she? You're fucking right I am. It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.

And so it continues...

4. Chris Brown – I wasn’t totally sure how I felt about him since he beat Rihanna and also threw a chair through the window at the Good Morning America. I do think I was already on my way to forgiving him since A. he spits hot fire and B. every other song Rihanna has come out with since the incident has been about rough sex. At this point I’ve convinced myself that she literally said “hit me” to him. But that performance… WOW. His dance moves are on the same level as JTimbs and Usher. Mad skillz. He was literally flying. He defies gravity. I was like “Wait, am I attracted to him?” and then I was like “No, his face like isn’t attractive…” and then I was like “When has that ever stopped me?”

5. Adele – Classic and well done. Loved how it was lit from behind and kind of looked like an old movie. BUT I was watching the VMAs to dance... While laying on my couch… Alone. And since I’m dead on the inside I’m like not that into an emotional performance. But I guess I'm not actually dead on the inside because I did cry 8+ times during the show and during Adele was not one of them.

6. Britney – The Britney tribute was one of the most amazing parts of the whole show, but I did feel like I was extremely shortchanged. It's 90 seconds, which is WAY too short to squeeze in all of Brit's hits (stop, you love it when I rhyme). WITH THAT BEING SAID – holy shit what a bomb-ass performance. They got almost all of the major hits in AND they incorporated outfits and dance moves from each of the music videos. If I was Britney I would have cried... I’m me and I bawled hysterically. Also, hearing all the Britney songs at once like that really brought upon an acid-style flash back of my entire life. It was like traveling time. I am… the time traveler's wife. But also, were those little people, regular people or actual children? I really still don't know and I've watched it 8 times.

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7. Beyonce – I mean at this point I think we can all feel the love growing inside her. What an amazing line. And that song, it got a little long/repetitive at the end, but its still really good. I think it's what happiness sounds like. I think it's what the love growing inside her sounds like. It's like Dream Girls meets Jersey Boys meets The Shirelles meets Amy Winehouse (more to come on her soon) meets Doo-wop.

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8. Young the Giant – ok well this started out with a super awkward intro from Jared Leto in a dress and Zoe Saldana looking pissed off and constipated. And because of that, I couldn’t even really concentrate on what they were actually saying. But I did catch that this was Young the Giant’s debut at the VMAs but no one told us how they were found or discovered or why they were chosen or what their fucking story is. So that was annoying because I bet there’s a good story there (which there is and can be found HERE). Their song was awesome and I have since downloaded their CD. It makes me really really happy (to the point of tears) when I see people doing something that they obviously really love and are passionate about and do well. I mean, that’s why I cried every episode of Girls Next Door… Wait what??? Anyway, the band’s 250 fans that came from Irvine, CA to see them were so fun. Also the set/stage design and lighting for their performance was super cool. I was really really into it.

9. Amy Winehouse – I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t that upset about Amy Winehouse’s death until the VMAs. I guess I just didn’t really realize how good she was. I knew she was good and I have more than a few of her songs, but I don’t know, seeing it all together like that was pretty emotional. And hearing someone as old as Tony Bennett talk about how legit her talent was and seeing video of them recording together at Abbey Road... Tear-jerker central. Then Bruno Mars’ performance? WHOA! What a voice. And those dance moves? Yes. Please. What a talent.

And holy Bruno Mars. What a performer. What a voice. What a mover and a shaker. Loved. And also Russell Brand managed to do a tribute that wasn't sappy and was really awesome. He's great. If you didn't fall in love with him after he hosted SNL earlier this year, then you're just silly.

Thus endeth my VMA recap.