Thursday, January 21, 2010

In case you haven't seen this yet...

I know, it's kind of old news. But Andy Roddick tweeted it last night so I thought I'd share it with you people... Always good for a laugh or a smile :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

About Last Night...


The way I feel about the Rolling Stones is the way my kids are going to feel about Nine Inch Nails, so I really shouldn't torment my Mom anymore, huh?

One of my friends has been mentioning that I should change the name of my blog to “I hate things” after I verbally abused almost everyone who walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes (I'm sorry, I wasn't aware ugly dresses were "in" this year). Well, today I am not going to talk about hate, but instead, a deep and intense true love: Music.

There is nothing quite like an absolutely awesome concert. I’ve been to a few. Ok, more than a few (I mean, I see Jay-Z twice a year at this point, so yeah, I know what’s up). But last night really took me by surprise.

Last week I went to a Passion Pit concert at Terminal 5. It was great. The band performed basically everything from their EP and their full album, all great songs. They sounded almost exactly the same live as they do on my ipod, so that was awesome. It’s always fun to be at a concert where you know almost all of the songs. It's like confirmation that choosing to go to this concert was the right life decision, even if most of your fellow audience members are still in high school. Whatevs.

You probably know Passion Pit for their song Sleepyhead, which is in the Palm Pixie commercial. Sleepyhead was the last song of the encore and they really rocked the shit out of it. I left the Passion Pit concert discussing with my friend how we really felt the music in our soul (not in a cheesy way but in a stoned way).

. I’ve liked Vampire Weekend since the first time a friend made me youtube the song Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa. I was instantly intrigued. I got the whole album and listened to it a good amount. My relationship with their album is: I know the chorus to every song on the album, but not every word to every song. So I’m definitely familiar, but not too obsessed.

Or shall I say, wasn’t too obsessed, because I think I am now… Last night was… magical. One of my friends said, “Last night touched on… sublime”. It really was. For a band to sound better live than on their album, is really a feat.

I couldn’t not move (intended double negative) to the music. Every chord was perfect. Every sound they made was exactly as it should have been. At the end, people were screaming for the song Walcott and I was like yeah I mean, I guess I wanna hear Walcott even though I can't really think of how it goes right now. Well, they closed with Walcott and it was mind blowing... And now when someone says "Walcott" I know exactly what song they're talking about: DON'T YOU WANNA GET OUTTA CAPE COD? OUTTA CAPE COD TONIIIIIGGHHHTTTT.

The concert was at Webster Hall, which is a really great venue. It’s similar in shape to Terminal 5 but about half the size. I love a venue that’s small enough that you have a good view of the band from anywhere you stand (unless you’re short or standing behind extraordinarily tall people… aka the people standing behind my crew, sorry we’re not sorry). But also, I felt that the crew at this concert was more in my age group. Which was nice. I didn't mind being in a group composed of the oldest and tallest people at the Passion Pit concert, I'm not that insecure. But Vampire Weekend felt more like home.

Vampire Weekend’s new CD, Contra, was released last week. I downloaded all the songs, gave them a listen. Liked but didn’t love. I have issues trying new things, as one friend once eloquently described, "Change make my balls shrink." Poetry. For me, I can't quite wrap my mind around them right away. All I could think about was how much better the first album was. But after hearing it live, I am now obsessed with it and currently playing the entire album on repeat as I write this through their website

Vampire Weekend’s whole vibe is just really happy. They don’t write cheesy love ballads, they write music you want to bounce up and down to or at the very least nod your head to. It makes me smile. They're just so cool. I mean, look at those album covers. I obv like Vampire Weekend better than Contra (Chandelier like what). But like, I don't know, they just seem so bad ass in their simplicity.

My personal cosmic connection with Vampire Weekend was driving to see the movie Stepbrothers with my brother and two of my friends. Vampire Weekend was a relatively new band and one of my friends and I put on A-punk for the car ride to the movie theater. My brother and other friend weren’t that into the song. We get to the movie theater, Stepbrothers starts, and A-punk blasts during the opening credits. That's when I knew. Meant. To. Be.

The thing that really made this concert for me, other than how amazing all of the music sounded, was how the band acted. These guys just looked so happy and excited to be performing that it was heartwarming. Seeing people look happy makes me happy. And seeing an extremely good-looking drummer rock the fuck out, well yeah, that makes me happy too.

They also, at one point when the crowd was cheering for more, commented on how excited they were to have a second album out if only so that they could play more songs for us. Adorable. And went on to say they were playing pretty much everything they knew. Almost every song from both albums.

After watching Aziz Ansari’s Comedy Central special this weekend (I suggest you do the same), I learned that “celebs” do in fact Google themselves to see what people are thinking of them. So, a brief message to Vampire Weekend jersey-wearing-stubble-sporting-hockey/southern-hair sexual drummer Chris Tomson- I love you.

A few of my Vampire Weekend favorites from the debut album:

And from the new album:

The album is pretty new so I can only really find live versions of most of the songs, which don't sound great online. But I highly recommend listening to the whole album on their website. Are they paying me for this shameless promotion to potentially 5s of 10s of readers!?!?!???

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Butterfly Effect

What is The Butterfly Effect? Well, from what I know from the trailer of the Ashton Kutcher movie with the same title, it is when a butterfly flaps its wings and causes a Tsunami across the globe. Yes? No? Don't care. It loosely reminded me of what I'm about to write about so I made it the title. Deal with it. But here is the Wikipedia definition, because I'm really just here to educate you, "The butterfly effect is a metaphor that encapsulates the concept of sensitive dependence on initial conditions in chaos theory; namely that small differences in the initial condition of a dynamical system may produce large variations in the long term behavior of the system."

And now, on to my story:

Once upon a weekend, I was watching Mean Girls on TV during one of the top 10 worst hangovers of my life (I got home at 4am, ate a cheesy gordita crunch and woke up promptly at 9am to vomit it into my bedside garbage can. I was really nervous that I’d never be able to eat a cheesy gordita crunch again after feeling the ground beef and special sauce on the way up, but don’t worry, I had another one later that day, crisis averted.) and good old Amanda Seyfried was on the screen. My friend said, “I’m so excited for Big Love to come back.” And I was like, “Why is Amanda Seyfried even on Big Love still?” Literally, the next day? News: Amanda Seyfried leaving Big Love.

Ok, so other than the fact that I’m obviously a psychic entertainment mastermind, this really got me thinking. Thinking about like the John Lennon (Butterfly) Effect for actors. Actors who decide to leave a show so they can take off on their own and leave everyone else in the dust. And also ruin my life. I really don’t know if anyone’s been as successful at that move than Justin Timberlake, because he kinda took the world by storm. But in TV, when a main character leaves the show, it’s sad (ok, traumatizing... but maybe just for me) and it’s never the same again. EVER!

For Amanda Seyfried, This is definitely the right move. She’s on the way up and is getting cast in movie after movie (if you think I’m not seeing Dear John in theaters you’re a fool). Being on a TV show is just holding her back. I assume she doesn’t have a huge role on Big Love, but I’ve never watched the show. But I’m sure losing her isn’t going to be detrimental for the show. Bill Paxton is hot (true or false: I have had a sex dream about him), Ginnifer Goodwin is skinny now (that's how you spell Jennifer? I mean, honestly), Chloe Lesbo Sevigny is weird, Jeanne Triplehorn is a bad ass, they’ll be fine.

But lets talk about some people of the past who pulled this move and, in effect, ruined my life. Number one: Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher. That '70s Show, a masterpiece in television, basically died when Topher exited at the end of the 7th season. The 8th season soon became the final season. Oh really Topher Grace? You had to leave so you could go make a cinematic masterpiece that was In Good Company? Please. Fuck you, ScarJo. Actually, when you check out Topher's filmography he's done almost nothing since leaving the show. Thanks, Topher. Thanks for NOTHING!

I was somehow lucky enough to catch the series finale for the first time around 1am on New Years Eve this year (Yeah, so what?) and was really happy that both Topher and Ashton came back for the final episode. But still. I wish the cast had decided together when to end the show. Because I could have watched them smoke in that basement ‘til kingdom come.

The Final Season Cast:

Now, people that I’m terrified are going to do this in the near future is really what I’ve been thinking about lately. They’re going to think they’re too famous to be on TV and leave amazing shows. Number one: Jason Segel.

How I Met Your Mother without Mashall Eriksen would be a crime against humanity. Not only is Marshall integral to the Marshall-Lily relationship, but Ted and Barney also need Marshall. The HIMYM cast is a family, and losing any of them would be the demise of the show. Last night was the 100th episode of HIMYM and it really was an A+. It included a full on musical number that was just... genius.

One thing on my to-do list is to watch Freaks & Geeks, because not only is it a Judd Appatow show, but Jason Segel is in it. And I’ve heard it’s hilarious. Let’s just hope the jokes aren’t as gay as the Big Bang Theory. Oy.

And yet without leaving how can Jason Segal really reach his full comedic potential? He writes, he acts, he’s tall, he’s sexual. It’s gotta be tiring. But his most recent venture, I Love You Man, left a lot to be desired. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is what really made me think he might leave TV behind. But he’s still with us. God (who?) bless his soul.

The other one I’m seriously worried about (laugh if you will) is Kyle Howard on My Boys. Yes, I’m one of the 10 people in the world who watches the TBS original series My Boys starring Jordana Spiro. And ever since Kyle Howard first laid his D on a one Lauren Conrad I’ve been really nervous about My Boys.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m team Conrad, but I have this scary feeling that Lauren’s going to say something to him about the lameness of his show and encourage him to quit and do something better. My Boys without Bobby would just be ridiculous, especially since Bobby and PJ are dating now (Finally!)

Would Seinfeld have been Seinfeld if any of the original four had left to go make a solo career for themselves? NO! Icon! Icon! Icon! Nocon! (get the ref).

I know there are like hundreds of other examples of this but can’t really think of any other big ones right now… Can you??? Feel free to let me know with a comment.

The only other one that comes to mind is Lauren Conrad leaving Laguna Beach and The Hills. Sigh. When are my good MTV shows coming back??? Jersey Shore post to come. Don’t get too excited, I’m going to hate… hard.

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Window Into My Mind (and Soul)

You may or may not know that looking up what shows and movies actors have been in on IMDB while I'm watching TV is my favorite thing to do. Even favoriter (yeah, I done did it now) is knowing these facts from my mind without looking at IMDB. Looking up filmographies, is probably the action I do most on my phone, second only to BBM.

Below is an example of what was running through my head while I watched Cougar Town on Wednesday night...

Did I really just construct these pictures in a Word document, print them out on a photo printer (thrice) and draw family-tree style lines to different show titles while at work? Yes... Yes I did.

This cast has been ALL over the place as far as television go. And I love it.

On another note, I had a revelation during Cougar Town on Wednesday night, Scott Foley is extremely sexual. I've known Scott for a long time (and by know I mean I watched Felicity religiously. Big Whoop). But I never thought of him in a sexual way. Ever. Maybe he just did a really good job at playing Noel on Felicity. His character was supposed to be Felicity's best friend who she wasn't really attracted to. He was perfect for it. Especially when you throw super sexual Scott Speedman into the mix. Why would you even look at Scott Foley with Scott Speedman around? Say Scott again. Scott.

Thinking back on Felicity, how pathetic was she!? She stalked a guy she was obsessed with across the country for college and then stalked him even more once they arrived in NYC. God, I can't even imagine what kind of shit would have gone down if she had had access to Facebook. But she got him in the end, so I guess it was worth it?? All I know is if she was my friend I would have given her tons of shit for her psychotic behavior. And for whispering all the time.

Anyway, unfortunately for me, Scott Speedman, Canadian God, has fallen off the map. So when Scott Foley appeared on my TV on Wednesday night, I was pleasantly surpsied by everything he's got going on. I wasn't that crazy about him in Scrubs either, but maybe that's just because I was always rooting for Elliot and JD to be together and when Scott came on the show to date Elliot it threw off my Chi. I don't know, maybe he's gotten better with age, but I really hope to see him on Cougar Town for a while longer, I will tell you that much (and more, if you ask).

And a quick note on Scrubs, I don't know if you all have been watching it currently, but it started off pretty rocky with it's new characters, but I think Tuesday night it finally hit its stride and is really funny again. Phew!

Also, Cougar Town was awesome this week. I have taken the liberty to embed the episode below. Enjoy.

My apologies for all who are unfamiliar with this subject matter and consequently do not understand most of what I'm saying in this post. As this post is a window into my mind (and soul), I decline to further explain myself unless specifically asked.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holy. Avatar.

God. I just cried watching that. Take a gander, incase you've been living under a rock for the past few months and haven't seen an Avatar trailer yet.

Ever since I first read an article, more than a year ago, about how Avatar was going to change the face of movie making, I wanted to see it. Then when I first saw the trailer I was like whoa, this is way too sci-fi for me. Then I kind of got over the sci-fi aspect when people I know started to see it and said it was good. But it became official that I was definitely going to see Avatar in theaters when my roommate’s boyfriend described it as “The greatest love story of our time”.

The call came on a chilly Wednesday night, the night before Christmas Eve. Few people were still left in Manhattan, which is probably why I got the call… Or maybe it’s my ‘can do’ attitue, I don’t know… But the call came in, “Wanna go see Avatar at 8:45 in Chelsea?” Um… It’s 7:45 and I was planning on going out tonight. But I shelved my desire to black out the night before Christmas Eve like a bad-ass Jewess, and decided to carpe diem.

Then I tried to buy tickets on Fandango. Sold out in Chelsea for the 8:45 show. Sold out in Union Square for the 9:10 show. Available in Kips Bay for the 9:30. Ugh, Kips Bay? Fine. I smoked myself silly and headed for the 6 train, on which I ran into a former co-worker (who is also one of my faithful readers’ husbands!) and described to him at length all of the feelings I had about Avatar.

And then, it all happened. Avatar amazingness. My recommendation on this movie: SEE IT RIGHT NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!!

First of all, you have to see Avatar in 3D. I don’t even understand what it’s going to be like once it comes out on DVD and I don’t really understand the point of not seeing it in 3D. 3D was how it was made to be seen. See it how James Cameron wants you to see it. When James Cameron says jump, I say how high. My next mission is to see avatar in 3D Imax, which I’m banking on being an incredibly amazing experience.

Ladies- Sam Worthington is so good looking it’s not even fair. And if you can’t watch him as a human slash Avatar for 3 hours, then there’s something wrong with you. At one point Sam Worthington’s facial hair/scruff is so perfect, it brought a tear to my eye. And I know it doesn't look like your type of movie, but seriously, it is nearly impossible to not be entertained for the entire three hours. It's just... great. And the music ooooh ho ho the music. Titanic up a storm.

Gentlemen – If you don’t enjoy the bad ass 3D action scenes this movie has to offer, then I’m pretty sure you’re not a man. This is the next Star Wars. The next, other-stupid-action-slash-scifi-slash-fantasy-movie-that-guys-are-in-love-with. And, as my dear friend Dennis Reynolds says: “What's the one thing missing from all action movies these days, guys? Full penetration.”

Ok, so there isn’t full penetration, but there is definitely some freaky-blue-alien on freaky-blue-alien sex at one point. Avatar successfully combines a shit load of action with a love plot. And I’ve heard the complaints about the cheesiness of the love story in Avatar, but I spit on these complaints (insert spit noise here).

The love story scratched me right where I itched. And James Cameron broke his Titanic mold and (SPOILER ALERTseriously skip the rest of this paragraph) did not kill off who I thought he would. Resulting in an ending that really warmed my heart.

One aspect of Avatar that I really enjoyed was all the metaphorical shit. I mean, yeah, I was high, but there were messages and connections in that movie left and right. The main topics that jumped out at me were: Colonialism and Expansion, Mother Nature, War, Terrorism, ya know, the usual hot button issues.

Jimmy C had the typical Hollywood liberal view, which of course I would never hate on because my views are riiiiiiiight in line with that. So I really enjoyed it. But if you think the military should bust in on naturally rich land inhabited by its native dwellers for a the sake of making money, then you will probably feel otherwise. And I also don’t like you.

I actually had just watched Fly Away Home (before Anna Paquin was a vampire lover) and Avatar reminded me of that in a weird way. Telling a compelling story to get your points across to the masses, is just a classic approach to movie making. Telling a story. Sending a message. Being entertained. A tip of the hat to you, James Cameron.

And yeah sometimes it’s really typical in the sense that this message has been told before and the story can be obvious, but I don’t think that’s so horrible. You don’t need a 6th-Sense-style twist at the end of every movie (but if you wanna talk about crazy twists and revelations, The Illusionist is my favorite, even though I hate Paul Giamatti with the fire of a thousand suns). Taking a story that’s been told before and telling it in your own way is creative.

Lastly, you will see things in Avatar that you have never seen before. Not to sound really typical, but Avatar is totally “visually stunning”. He legit invented an entire world. And it's all real. Well, it's obviously not real at all. But it feels like it is. And it's awesome. I will move to Pandora tomorrow and become an Avatar and hang with the Na'vi people forever and ever!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Acting Without Acting.

Thanks to Pickles for this classic. A shout out to all the "I hate Jason Alexander in Curb" peeps, I know a lot of you.

Sorry for the half-assed posting, although I think I am posting some great viral vids. My Avatar post is still in the works. Comin atcha soon :)