Monday, April 19, 2010

Rest In Peace (Part 2)

And so I continue my tribute to Brittany Murphy...

There’s the movie Just Married. I… I can’t even begin to put into words my love for this movie. It is definitely in my top 5 RomComs. It was one of those movies that, in previews, looked absolutely awful and cheesy and stupid. I don’t even know how long after it went to DVD I actually saw it, but when I did I fell in love. Hard.

There are three movies in my life that I have watched 3 times within 72 hours of my first viewing. They are: St. Elmo’s Fire, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. I would put Just Married in the category of movie’s I’m surprised are not on that list, because I could watch it forever and ever and never get sick of it.

The on-screen chemistry between Ashton and BMurph in Just Married is OFF THE CHARTS. Maybe it's because at the time they were a couple in real life. Who knows. I'd venture to say I've never seen anything as good until last night when I saw An Education. Go watch that immediately. Peter Sarsgaard is ridiccccc. For the record, worst on-screen Chemistry goes to Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in Notting Hill. Seriously pathetic for two people who usually rock the RomCom drama like total Pros.

Some of the lines I use from Just Married aren’t even Brittany Murphy lines, they’re Ashton Kutcher lines, but when I use them, I still have to say “RIP BMurph” because it’s just respectful. And I loooooove that her nick name is Pee Wee in that movie. I want my nick name to be PeeWee, but since there is nothing Pee Wee about me, that’s never going to happen. But one of my children will be nicknamed Pee Wee, I’ll tell you that much right now. I don't care if I have to marry a midget to make that dream become a reality.

Some fan favorites:

“Cheese and rice” – Because sometimes saying Jesus Christ just isn’t appropriate.

“Breathe through your mouth. Just do it. Just do it.” – Because sometimes you have to breathe through your mouth to have sex in a smelly airplane bathroom.

“BEAT IT STEW.” – referring to a flight attendant as stew while you’re having sex in an airplane bathroom is top notch.

“Bonjour! Merci!” – Because common words in languages that aren’t English are funny.

“Assbag” – That one’s Ashton, but it’s great.

“Those birds are psychotic” – Also Ashton. And I use it all the time because birds are psychotic and I hate them.

Then you have some classics like Girl Interrupted:

"Everyone likes to be alone when it comes out, I like to be alone when it goes in, to me the cafeteria is like being with 20 girls all at once taking a dump."

Uptown Girls:

"This sounds like the soundtrack to something you'd slit your wrists to"

"Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, sheets of Egyptian cot-ton." - She doesn't sing it, but it's an amazing song.

Don't Say A Word:

"I'lll never tellllll" - creepy/amazing/memorable.

8 Mile:

"So, I hear you're a real dope rapper."

While looking for stuff about BMurph on YouTube there are approx 100 video montages of her set to the song Breathe Me by Sia (which gained fame from being the closing song in the series final of Six Feet Under... Don't even get me started on that amazingness). And they're actually pretty good/touching. I also found this interview on David Letterman with her that I enjoyed:

Her laugh is the most endearing and genuine thing I’ve ever heard and it brings a tear to my eye. So genuine. I love her. RIP BMURPH.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rest In Peace

Ok, so I have this thing where I hate when people get upset about celebrity deaths. You didn’t know the person, you weren’t even that big of a fan (although you pretend now like you were), and there are conceivably thousands of people that this death actually affects way more than you. So stop crying about Heath Ledger and get the fuck over it.

But finally, one has come that has changed my life. Has really shaken me to my very core. And I know you’re going to laugh, and I know if I were in your position, I might hate me for saying this… But… The celebrity death that has affected me most, in my lifetime, is the death of Brittany Murphy.

Brittany Murphy!? Seriously? There are earth quakes in China and Volcanic eruptions in Iceland and this is what you're writing about? That coke head? Yes. That crack head had so many good movies (exaggeration) and so many good lines in those movies (understatement), that I do some sort of shout out to her almost every day. Yes, I know the Michael Jackson fans might feel a similar way, but he touched little boys’ peepee’s, so get over it. You should have been mourning his disappearance from legitimacy long before his death.

The Brittany-Murphy-timeless-classic of a line that just inspired me / reminded me to FINALLY write this well-overdue post was from the following BBM convo:

J: But don’t you guys sporadically see one another?
Me: No.
J: And does the word sporadically owe all its purpose to Alicia Silverstone?
Me: Uh yeah and Brittany Murphy God rest her soul
J: I was JUST about to drop an RIP
J: U wiley hoe
Me: I RIP BMurph almost everyday
Me: This just inspired me to start a blog entry abt that that I’ve been meaning to write for months.
J: That’s wat I’m here for.

Indeed he is. And so it has begun. I’m not going to pretend like BMurph had some kind of illustrious and/or versatile actress. But I liked what she was in. And she always made me smile. Obviously, many of the often-used Brittany Murphy lines come from Clueless.

But it would be socially irresponsible of me to not go through the major Clueless gems, and I'm going to start off with my personal favorite...

Anytime anyone says Rollin with the Homies you HAVE to throw out an “RIP Brittany Murphy”. This happens a minimum of once every other week.

A few more Brittany Murphy classics from Clueless:

“You’re a virgin who can’t drive” – my friends said this to me every day of high school. I was, in fact, a virgin, but I was definitely the best driver out of all of them, so to that part, I took offense. They might have kept saying it to me when we were in college… And I might have still been a virgin. But still, an excellent driver.

“I’m outie” – Everyone says that in Clueless but I envision Tai saying it when I say it.

“And my buns: they don't feel nothin' like steel.” – hilar.

"I hope not sporadically!" – as referenced above

"You know, I don't care either way — just as long as his you-know-what isn't crooked.” – True that, Tai. True. That.

And also, out of respect, I throw out a “RIP Brittany Murphy” any time any Clueless quote is used, and let’s be real, that’s at least once a week if not more. PAR example, one of my favorites that reminds me of Brittany is that I use often is, "Cher, I have the picture you took in my locker," said by my numba one stunna Jeremy Sisto aka EL-ENNNNN. The picture he is referring to (for those who are clueless when it comes to Clueless) is of Brittany Murphy aka Tai with a flower in her hair. DUH!

Although those are the best of the best, the cream of the crop, there are more Brittany Murphy lines and shout-out worthy films. And in the interest of not boring you, I will put the rest of them up next week. And trust me, there are some great ones. So tune in ;)

And in other celebrity/BMurph/Clueless news I saw Mr. Hall from Clueless at dinner on Tuesday night. You're so jealous that I saw that sexy beast in person.