Thursday, May 27, 2010

PSFD - Post Season Finale Depression.

Ok, it hasn’t been easy for me. It really hasn’t. My Monday, Wednesday and Thursday shows are what keep me sane. What keep me happy. What keep me warm at night. But now they’re gone and I am sad.

Let me also say that I don’t watch dramas. I’m a student of the sitcom and it’s pretty much all I watch (aside from Law & Order), so I know that you’re probably crying about Lost being over but know that I am not going to cover that here…. Or anywhere…. Ever.

I will kick this off as the one week anniversary of the NBC Thursday shows that finaleed (I just made up that word) last week. If you haven’t watched yet, I advise you to stop reading here… aka SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!


Can I just say… Wow. Community went from a really rocky start to being totally awesome. Maybe it’s because the characters grew on me or maybe it’s because when any group of misfits become a cohesive group of friends it’s fun to watch.

With the sexual tension between Jeff and Britta building since day one, it was really great to see Britta take a step out of her comfort zone and admit in front of everyone that she loves Jeff. I was kind of pissed when they didn’t address the fact that Jeff and Britta slept together in the episode after it happened, but it was worth the wait. And Slater came out of left field wanting to get back together with Jeff. Which was necessary to force Jeff to choose between them.

But THEN he decided to go for Annie instead… Which was pretty easy to see coming somewhere in the middle of the episode, but I don’t see it going anywhere next season. And if it does Britta will be PISSED, so it might be kinda fun.

Ahbed and Troy's friendship is amazing. The jokes about them being a couple are always funny. They are a serious comic duo. And also, Ahbed relates everything to movies and TV and essentially speaks in movie quotes half the time, so I feel like we're... one.

Parks & Rec

Always a pleasure. I mean how could guest starring Rob Lowe and Adam Scott not be totally awesome? And for more than one episode!? Yes, please!

I was not happy when Ben recommended that Leslie be fired in order to cut the Parks Department’s budget. I really thought those two had some sexual tension building and was sad to see that Ben would throw her under the bus like that. But he came around in the end and I still think they’re in love and meant to be.

I loved watching Ron have to stand up for Leslie, which of course he had to do because without Leslie he would actually have to do work. I also thought there was some sexual tension building between Leslie and Mark and was disappointed that we didn’t have another season finale with the two of them making out.

OMG OMG OMG ANDY AND APRIL ANDY AND APRIL!!!!!! This made my night/life. And of course they infused it with so much drama that it will easily run into next season (which will not start until January, grrrrrr!) First they admitted that they liked each other (I cried) and then April said she couldn’t be with him because she thinks he still has feelings for Anne.

THEN Andy gets hit by a car and has to go to the hospital. THEN while Anne is taking care of him as his nurse in the hospital she gets nostaligic and kisses him. THEN April comes back to tell him that she’s so sorry and that she does want to be with him. They kiss (I swoon/cry again). THEN he tells her how happy he is and that he doesn’t want to lie to her and that Anne just kissed him. And then April runs out of the room.

It’s kind of a cheesy and obvious way to dramatize the situation but I loved every second of it. I’m just really hoping the Jim-and-Pam effect doesn’t happen to April and Andy. But I have faith in them. I think they’ll be able to get around it.

And if you don't think Aziz Ansari is hilarious, then I don't like you.

30 Rock

Holy. 30 Rock. First of all, I screamed AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS in bed on Thursday night when Matt Damon appeared on my screen in a pilot’s uniform. "Yeah I'm a doorman... To the SKY!" Playing a character named Carroll (amazing) who Liz Lemon falls in love with at first sight. And he’s a TGS fan!!!! Perfection!!!!!

I’m VERY curious with what is going to happen to all of this season finale stuff next season… Kenneth got fired, Avery is preggers with Jack’s baby and he proposed to her, and Liz and Carroll decided to give it a shot. Two of these main plot points involve guest stars. So someone let me know if Lizzie Banks or Matt Damon has signed on to be in episodes for next season, because I don’t really see how this is going to work.

As far as 30 Rock season finales go, this one was pretty great. Not as amazing as the Midnight Train to Georgia finale a couple years back (I just looked for a video of that awesomeness but couldn’t find it. Damn you, NBC! Foiled again!)

I have to say that I really would have liked to get a Tina Fey – Matt Damon kiss on screen. Oh well. Maybe one day...

And I didn’t watch The Office finale because I don’t watch The Office, but I heard it was AWFUL.

Ok, that’s it. I don’t even know if I have the energy to recap my CBS Monday finale night from this week. So many feelings.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And that's what you missed... On GLEE!

Glee is amazing. Sorry, I have this whole post set up recapping the NBC Thursday finales from last week and now I can’t even fathom doing that. And this wasn’t even the finale. And I HAVE to bring to your attention the greatest song/performance to ever grace the airwaves.

First of all, Lea Michele’s voice, quite literally, brings tears to my eyes most times I hear it. And you know what? She’s weird and obnoxious and strange but her voice is ground breaking. Glee couldn’t exist as a show without her.

I have a friend who writes musicals and I remember talking to him a couple years back about what he was up to and what projects he was working on. One of them was some sort of musical sitcom/tv show. In my head I was like “good luck with that, the world is not ready for such a thing.” But we are… We really really are.

I say we’re not open to just any musical TV show. Like a show in the Dream Girls style where people just burst into song for no reason half the time would be a disaster. But I also have to admit that I hate Dream Girls despite my love for anything musical.

In order to break the norm and come out with something totally different it has to be beyond fantastic. Lea Michele’s voice is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. And you know what? It deserves to be heard by the masses. It should not be restricted to Broadway. It should be on a show that appeals to a bunch of people, on a show that is the first of it’s kind.

Now lets address some fears I have for Glee. Glee is different not only because it has music, but it’s also a hilarious comedy. And yes there's drama in there too, but there's a ton of comedy. And comedies typically don’t run for an hour. Glee does. It’s just so funny and amazing when they’re being funny that I’m scared the greatness just can’t last.

It’s not easy to be funny for 24 episodes of a full season on a half hour show. How Glee has managed to do it is really impressive. I mean, they did take a longer hiatus than other shows, leaving us at the beginning of December and not returning until April, whereas most shows return in January. So that did give them some time to get their shit together.

But yeah, we’ll see what happens. You don’t want to have to go for so long that you start making up ridiculous plot points, like Grey’s Anatomy fake pretending to kill a major character every week (I stopped watching like 2 years ago when they tried to kill Meredith). It’s insulting.

My only issue with Glee is I’m pretty sure Quinn should have given birth like months ago and they don’t even make her look pregnant. At all.

PS I have been listening to Poker Face by Lea Michele and Idina Menzel on repeat for the entire time I wrote this. Normal.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dear Mark Zuckerberg...

Let’s talk about Facebook privacy settings for a hot second. I get that some people don’t want all their shit all over Facebook. And when I say “I get” I mean I understand that that is how some people feel but don’t understand why they feel that way at all. If that is how you feel then get the fuck off of Facebook and disappear from cyber space altogether, please.

It’s one thing to hide your shit while you’re looking for a new job or something. Or because you’re scared your boss is going to see you smoking crack or whatever the hell you’re so embarrassed about. Newsflash: If you're 21, you’re allowed to drink alcohol and get drunk while you're not at work. It’s not the end of the world. But if it is, then just un-tag inappropriate pictures or block your pictures from the people you work with. Fine. Do that if you have to do that. But if you’re on Facebook and you don’t have a wall and you don’t have tagged pictures then what the fuck do you think you’re doing? And don't even get me started on people who don't have profile pictures. Don't. Even. Get. Me. Started.

So this is what I need from Marky Mark Zucks- I need a privacy setting that blocks only those people (the ones without pictures and walls) from my pictures and wall. Because you know what? It’s a tit for tat world out there. And if you’re going to be a Facebook hermit than you shouldn’t be able to have the privileges of looking at other people’s Facebook info. The opposite of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours", if you will. You are a cyber Peeping Tom and it’s not OK. Real Peeping Toms get arrested. All you have is the internet. And you are a coward. COWARD I SAY!

I have to say that sometimes I think about deactivating from Facebook altogether. I miss the simpler time when you didn’t know what people you hate and tried to cut out of your life do every weekend… Or every second of every day. I mean I still successfully avoid it on Facebook by "hiding" them on my Newsfeed, but it’s still accessible and I don't like having that access.

And I’m not going to de-friend anyone. Because although I de-friend people in real life like it’s my job, I consider Facebook de-friending to be the most heinous of social faux-pas. Really the rudest thing you could ever do to someone. I'd rather someone call me a "cunt" to my face then de-friend me on Facebook. But hey, we all have different values.

That’s not even my main problem, though. Facebook takes out the surprises of the future. A college or high school reunions aren't going to be half as fun because you’re going to know most if not all of the good gossip beforehand. It’s similar to how I don’t love having e-mail access on my phone because now there’s no fun surprise when I log on to my e-mail on a computer. And that used to be exciting. Oh the fleeting memories of youth… Snail mail. Sigh.

But if I did deactivate from Facebook… What would I do all day? I don’t even like it but that’s because I’m on it so much. If I was actually busy and only had time to check Facebook once or twice a day, I think things would be way different. But I have no self control and I usually check it more than once an hour even though nothing at all has happened. That’s when I go into my own profile and admire my own beauty, like Narcissus before me. But sometimes I do like the info. Like the wedding pics and other info about people that I don't keep in touch with but don't actively hate. So... ya know, two sides to every story and all that.

But either way I’m an admitted addict. My name is Brady and I’m addicted to Facebook.

Friday, May 7, 2010


As I prepare to depart from work early on this gorgeous New York day to head down to Orlando to freaking 90 degree humidity (kill me) I thought I should share this with all of you.

I wish this is what I did at work all day... Actually, I think this is what I do at work all day.

Paul Rudd is always a good time. And when I say always I'm excluding "I Love You, Man" because that movie had huge potential and ended up sucking balls.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pandora: Not just where the Na'vi people live

I thought we had a deal here… I thought you would play the same 20-30 songs on repeat on each station I create and I would pretend like I didn’t notice you can only find 20-30 songs with musical qualities similar to Cold War Kids (that’s the station I’ve been listening to the most lately. I highly recommend).

But no. You’ve led me on to believe we had this perfect relationship, and it’s not. You don’t want to be with me for more than 40 hours a month? How insulting. 40 hours a month? Do you know what I do all day? Nothing. Well, not nothing… But mostly nothing. And when I’m not doing nothing I’m doing something that I can listen to music while doing. And there is way more than 40 hours a month that I need your services.

40 hours is the normal amount that people work in a week, not a month. I’m just kinda sick of all of Pandora’s bullshit. They pride themselves on being commercial free… but there are still commercials. I mean, yeah, there are way way fewer commercials on Pandora than there are on normal radio. I’ll give them that. I’m not trying to take that away. But once every few songs there’s some stupid man talking about like buying tickets to Wicked or something else that I’m not interested in and highly annoyed by.

And all you need is $.99 for me to continue listening? How ridiculous. Don't spend it all in one place, Pandora.

And then Pandora tried to link to Facebook. Uh… NO THANK YOU! When I go in to see a new song is playing to find out the info so I can download it myself, the LAST thing I need to know is that Douchey McDoucherson “likes this artist”. What… a turnoff. Luckily I figured out how to disconnect from Facebook. Phew. Who knows what would have happened to my taste in music if I didn’t figure that one out.

And also, the alert that comes up saying that they don’t like playing to an empty room? That annoys me when I’m sitting there and it happens a bunch of times and I just want to be like YES. I’M RIGHT HERE. I AM IN THE ROOM. YOU ARE NOT PLAYING TO AN EMPTY ROOM. CALM DOWN. Or maybe it’s me who needs to calm down. Whatever.

If Pandora plays to an empty room, does it make a sound? They’re saying yes. I guess that solves the whole tree falling in the woods conundrum. Consider your mind blown.

Hm, what else can I gripe about? I guess I’ll just keep this short. My main point was that I had no idea that Pandora had any sort of limitations other than that you can’t push “next” more than 5 times in a row on the same station because of licensing restrictions. But I hope I’ve alerted you to this heinous injustice. And that together, we can make a change. Yes. We. Can.

P.S. As I wrote this… you can bet your ass I was listening to my newly created Phoenix station on Pandora the whole time. Whoopsies. Never said I wasn’t a hypocrite.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh Snap

Ok, if you know me at all you know that I'm not one for politics. But I have to say, I really did enjoy Obama's stab at comedy writing. His silliness makes him even more attractive. I'm not going to lie, there are more than a few jokes in there that I don't get at all because I have no idea who the people he's talking about are but I know he's making fun of them and I like it. And also, I don't follow politics... Or the news. This is the first I've heard of this "oil spill" in the gulf... I'm kidding of course (or am I?)

Is it just me or does Jay Leno look chubby? His large head is looking even more bulbous than usual. I heard that he bombed but I don't think it's that awful. Leno wasn't as good as Obama, but who is? Obama is superman. A black superman. Slash President...