Monday, February 13, 2012

The best show you're not watching

In case you haven’t heard, Cougar Town is not about Cougars. It’s an uh-mah-zing, hilarious and fun sitcom about a group of friends who drink a ton of wine, hang out all the time, and make fun of each other. As creator Bill Lawrence says, it’s a show about “adult friendship”.

Bill Lawrence was also the mind behind Scrubs and Spin City. Basically, the guy knows what he’s doing and he’s fucking hilarious. Unfortunately, he named his show “Cougar Town”, which he freely admits is the worst show title ever. And it’s hard to explain to people that this show is NOT. ABOUT. COUGARS. What’s not to love about a show that refers to drinking wine as “pounding grape”?!?!?! That’s just the tip of the iceberg of awesomeness that is this show. And if you liked Scrubs, you'll like this. And if you didn't like Scrubs, get your shit together. AND if you're going to start watching Cougar Town, DO NOT watch the first 6 episodes of season 1. The show was still getting it's footing and is in no way representative of the series. K thanks.

For the past month of so Cougar Town has been doing an impressive grass roots effort to get the word out about their show – throwing viewing parties in various cities (using their own time and money) where they show two episodes from the upcoming third season, which premieres on ABC tonight at 8:30. I was SUPER psyched to attend one of the two the NYC viewing parties at the Paley Center on Saturday night with the full cast plus co-creators Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel.

The two episodes we saw were excellent. LOLs filled the room throughout both. Although I have to say I do prefer watching this show from my couch with a nice wine buzz that keeps me constantly giggling as opposed to in a theater with 100+ super fans who were legit screaming at things like the appearance of Ted Buckland (the lawyer from Scrubs) and his acapella group “The Blanks”, which was exciting but not scream-worthy.

There is also a short but sweet Scrubs reunion scene at the end of one of the episodes. But I couldn’t hear anything anyone said in it because of the spastic squeels from the super fans. I mean, I def also screamed when I saw Zach Braff’s face, but whatever. My favorite part of the Q & A was when someone asked why he had a Scrubs reunion scene, Bill answered “Because I wanted to do a Scrubs reunion scene!” duh!

Anyway, during the panel talk, moderated by's Michael Ausiello, it became clear not only that Bill Lawrence is the captain of the awesome ship that is “Cougar Town” but also that the cast is a group of friends who love each other and have a lot of fun working together.

So the moral of the story is you should definitely give Cougar Town a shot. I know it’s Valentine’s Day but if you could at least record it and check it out, I think you will fully enjoy. And although you don’t HAVE to pour yourself a large glass of pinot (grigio or noir, it’s up to you), it’s highly encouraged that you do.

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