Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And more than jazz, or musical theater, or morbid obesity, television is the true American art form.

So this is it. We're smack dab in the middle of it right now -- premiere week. Let me tell you how my week has gone so far and how it's going to proceed.

2 full hours of CBS sitcom fun. Seriously, what a great way to start out this premiere week. First there was How I Met Your Mother, which is always good. Like, I have never seen a bad episode of that show... Ever. So HIMYM kicked it off nice and good and really got my Monday night off to a fantastic start.

Then there was Rules of Engagement. Some know this as David Spade's show, also in this cast is Patrick Warburton (Puddy from Seinfeld) and a few others. The season premiere featured Jamie Presley who gets duped into sleeping with David Spade.

I think the only aspect of this show I have a problem with is that David Spade is constantly pulling tail when he looks like David Spade. But his hair is shorter now so he looks less like a woman, so that's a step in the right direction. I don't even know why I'm bad mouthing him right now, I'm actually a huge fan... but that doesn't mean I'd sleep with him (Or does it...)

Then the second half of the evening was Two and a Half Men. Charlie Sheen was also sporting a new haircut that I was not impressed with. But he's on the show and not in jail so I guess he gets points for that. Two and a Half Men was good as always, and it's funny and strange to see Jake growing up.

Then there was the premiere of Mike & Molly, a new sitcom about a couple who meets in Overeaster Annonymous. This was actually super cute and really sitcom-ing in a 90s kind of way. The classic sitcom set up, vibe, jokes, the whole thing. I'll definitely continue watching.


So I think the people I talked to about Glee today are divided evently between those who were unimpressed and those who were obsessed. I fall into the obsessed category. The first song of the episode was Empire State of Mind, so after that, even though there was no where to go but down after such an AMAZING performance, the episode was still great, packed with the usual drama and some classic songs. I mean, with Telephone as the second song, I knew things would continue to be great. And as a Dream Girls hater the Dream Girls song that the little asian girl sang was AWESOME! I also like how they're working in the lesser known characters like Tina dating Mike Chang. Good stuff. Lea Michele's bangs look bad, but as always, her voice brings a tear to my eye.

Then after that I watched Running Wilde, the new Will Arnett and Keri Russell sitcom. Lets start out by saying if Will Arnett or Keri Russell is in anything I will watch it. So them in something together is really great. The show isn't THAT amazing yet, because with a first episode there's too much plot and background to explain but it was still good and funny. If Will Arnett's voice alone doesn't make you laugh outloud then you actually have no soul. The show is good and it's going to get better, especially since Mitchell Hurwitz is involved. In case you don't know Mitchell Hurwitz = Arrested Development. So... Done and done.

Here's what the rest of my week is looking like, in case you need any TV suggestions...

2 hour season premiere of Law & Order: SVU on NBC

On ABC there's The Middle on at 8, Better with You at 8:30, Modern Family at 9 and Cougar Town at 9:30.

Wow, that's intense right there. I wonder if I'm going to fit that all in toinght? Next Wednesday is the premiere of Law & Order: LA, which I'm suuuuper excited about.

The Middle is Patricia Heaton's show and I think it's extremely underrated. This show is fun for the whole family and I'm glad they brought it back for a second season even though I haven't really heard of anyone else watching it. Check it out!!!!

I read the pilot for Better With You a while ago and it was pretty good. I'm fairly certain this will immediately get added into my regular schedule. Here's the quick plot from IMDB, "Two sisters are at different stages in their respective relationships." So descriptive! Love it!

And seriously, I BEG OF YOU, give Cougar Town a chance. It started off rough last season but it became really great. It's fun and easy going and... fun. Seriously, take it for a test drive, I think you'll like it.


the usual NBC shows, which at this point are really just Community and 30 Rock. I might try and episode of The Office and see if I can repress the feeling of wants to brutally murder Steve Carrell every time he talks, but that's not looking good. Kind of excited for him to be off the show, but we'll see. For all you cheese balls out there Grey's and Private Practice is Thursday too. Unfortunately I have opted out of both of those shows since I don't like crying hysterically for hour long periods on the weekly. It's just too much.

Oh, and LAST Thursday was the premiere of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League. Sunny was exactly as it always is and exactly how it always should be. Hilariously awesome and tackling current events. I love when a show as ridiculous as Sunny manages to fit in social commentary. And they did. And it was gay marriage. And it was awesome.

The League... if you're a guy and you don't like The League then I have an issue with you. The season premiere wasn't that great, but every episode last season was like pee your pants hilarious. It's about a group of guys and their fantasy football league. As soomone who actually hates football and fantasy football I'm still able to watch it and really enjoy it. They do have some football stuff but it's mostly just funny goodness. I'm gunna make it real easy for you too, here's the link to the show on hulu go to it, watch episode 1 of season 1. Enjoy.

Ugh. I'm so happy this time of year is here. I don't even know how I manage to work and live and be social and watch all of the TV that I watch. I'll probably get reaaaalll anti-social soon because I have hours of TV to watch nightly. Happy Premiere Week to all and to all a good night!


Nick said...

Ok - Here's the rundown:

1. You have a tv problem, though being a chosen profession, you have a profession problem

2. Glee sucks - get over it. If I wanted auto-tuned idiots running around being geeky and not looking good I'd go to high school anywhere int he US and play current pop music over their acne-infested quivering faces.


4. Will Arnette fangirl-dom will get you everywhere, the man is a genius and I love the idea of the show, now I need to watch it.

5. I'm done. I'm DVRing two of these shows tops, - hate me.


Brady said...

1. I fully admit that I have a problem/obsession.

2. Glee autotunes less than any song on the radio so I don't know what you're talking about. They have broadway voices, deal.

3. No. Not really. I never said NCIS. L&O all the way, baby!

4. I'm glad. You're going to enjoy it.

5. I don't hate you. I never could. LOVE YA!

Jessica said...

Umm you clearly missed it when when 2 1/2 Men clearly made fun of Charlie's haircut. You also neglected to mention in this post when you told me you were considering hooking up with Jake Harper (and I concurred).

You would be pleased to know that I actually DVR'd some shows other than Law and Order this season, I am really excited to dabble in these "up and coming" programs the kids are talking about...

CPasqua said...

Glee was unreal duh. Hate the little Asian girl Charice, she cant speak English no biggy.

Running Wilde was good, didnt die for it. I love that Tobias was in it asa David Cross and I love that Will Arnett was a less retarded Gob. Can they just bring back Arrested Development? That would make premiere week complete.

Im going to an unreal even tonight and Im just crying that I cant watch TV.