Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day: The Hat Trick.

Ok, so I've been writing this post for a really long time and I came to the conclusion that no one is going to read a blog post that is 3 pages in Microsoft Word. So I'm breaking it down into two pieces. And it works better if the second half goes first. Please enjoy and comment :) Emoticons are gay, but I will use them til the day I die. Ride or die, bitches.

I usually don't like to make plans. Because when plans get broken it makes me sad. Like rules, sometimes plans were made to be broken. But not this one my friends... Not. This. One. My roommate and I had been planning to go to Connecticut, stay at my house, and accomplish the illusive triple header. That is, we pay for one movie ticket, and we see three movies.

At approximately 6:30 pm on Christmas night, the plan was officially completed successfully. That's right, this Jew spent more than 6 hours at the movie theater on Christmas Day followed up by a delicious Chinese food dinner. You will probably never in your life hear me praise Jesus again, but I really do thank him for letting me have this wonderful opportunity. I don't think I would have done it with out him, that crazy delusional Jew.

Tomorrow's post is about the experience I had at said triple header, but this one is content based. Some comments and concerns about the movies I saw, which, in the order I saw them, are: It's Complicated, Up In The Air, and Nine.

It’s Complicated.

Just as good, if not better, the second time around. Still hilarious. Still amazing. Still the perfect movie for the holiday season. If you don’t find this movie amusing you actually have no soul. It is the RomCom to end all RomComs. It is perfection. I am in love with it. The one thing I didn’t say about it in my “Sneak Peek review” was how much you will laugh out loud in It’s Complicated. If you’re not LOLing up a storm, you should really get yourself to a doctor because something is wrong with you. And also, that aspect sets it apart from RomComs like Something’s Gotta Give, which, although excellent, are not laugh-out-loud funny.

Up In The Air.

Lemme tell you a little story about my relationship with this movie. The first time I saw a preview I knew I wanted to see it. The reasons behind this were that George Clooney was in it… And… well, mostly that George Clooney was in it... And that it’s kind of a RomCom (more Rom than Com). And I saw in the trailer that at one point they are BBM-ing with each other. When I write a RomCom you can bet your ass there will be BBM conversations all over the place. Long live the BlackBerry. Fuck the iPhone (Sorry, sometimes/all the time I have random fits of anger towards the iPhone, you just witnessed one).

I wanted to see Up In The Air for, lets say, atleast a month and a half. Maybe more. Then in the past few weeks it got nominated for all these awards and people were freaking out about how good it is. At that point I obviously still wanted to see it and then got even more excited for it because it dawned on me that people other than me might actually like this film. And the verdict is: It’s really not that great. I liked it enough, but I really didn't like it. I got a little bored at parts. I kind of saw the twist coming. It’s a good twist but pretty obvious. It’s very Last Chance Harvey-ish. Older man who doesn’t really talk to his family meets someone and decides to try to change blah blah blah. I mean I’ll watch George Clooney for 2 hours any day of the week, but you might not feel the same way.


Ok. I have some major issues with Nine. Aesthetically, it is an orgasm for the eyes. I know that when I see Nine again I will like it a lot better because I will focus less on the plot and more on how dazzling each and every frame is. Everything is Italian and beautiful and the sets are gorgeous and the actresses are all entrancing (minus Fergie) and dressed in cool/crazy costumes. The story line is OK. But, the songs are awful.

If you’re going to make a musical in this day and age, there’s really no room to fuck around. Your songs have to be awesome. Downloadable and awesome. You have to be Moulin Rouge to succeed as a musical film for adults. These songs were so stupid and not catchy, it is seriously embarrassing. The songs are uninteresting sentences, ineloquently written, strung together and sung to a unattractive tune. I think if the songs were half decent Nine could have been a serious success, if not at least critically acclaimed. But from what I understand, critics and audiences alike have been shitting all over Nine.

Talking about how bad the music was is really getting me worked up. Like, if you're not going to have good songs, why waste your time making a movie into a musical? It's retarded. A serious recipe for disaster and very poor planning on someone's part. Half of the songs were people just singing the name "Guido" over and over because that was the name of the main character. So. Stupid.

I really liked the overall concept though. It’s about a famous director who talks about how making a film and talking about a film is like killing a dream because nothing is going to be as good when you make it real life as you imagine it to be in your head. Like living up to the expectations that others have for you and that you have for yourself. It was weird because there were things that I really like and identified with in the movie but still couldn't enjoy it. Then it’s also about his tumultuous relationship with his new film, his wife, and his slew of mistresses.

Plot-wise it moves very slowly. But that’s my problem with movies that are so special mostly because of their visual aspects. I really didn’t like Marie Antoinette or the Royal Tenenbaums the first time I saw them because the actual plots are just not exciting . Now they are both definitely in my top ten favorites. The way I watch movies for the first time is that I'm excited to see what happenes next. Once you’ve seen it for the first time, you can stop revving yourself up about what is going to happen next and just kind of be in the moment and appreciate all the little things that make the film special and unique. Atleast, that’s how my mind operates.

So tune in later this week (possibly tomorrow, ha.) to read my tips on how to pull a successful triple header.


Casey said...

Ditto Up in the Air. Blah. Good moments (mostly Clooney) but was just slow and fell flat. Totally should have done a triple feature to get my money's worth. You just knocked Nine off my list. What are you hearing on the streets about Avatar?

Brady said...

I'm really happy you asked about Avatar because I was going to put a sentence at the end saying that I plan on writing about Avatar later in the week but didn't want to make any empty promises. But I am def going to now. But my immediate advice is FUCKING SEE THAT SHIT. And see it 3D. And if you get high, be high. And if not, it will still be A+.

Alan Whickers said...

A Jew eating Chinese on Christmas. REAL ORIGINAL BRADY.

Brady said...

Listen up "Whickers", tradition is tradition. And if you know me at all, which you do, you should know that I will use any excuse I can to eat asian cuisine. Puh-leez.