Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holy. Avatar.

God. I just cried watching that. Take a gander, incase you've been living under a rock for the past few months and haven't seen an Avatar trailer yet.

Ever since I first read an article, more than a year ago, about how Avatar was going to change the face of movie making, I wanted to see it. Then when I first saw the trailer I was like whoa, this is way too sci-fi for me. Then I kind of got over the sci-fi aspect when people I know started to see it and said it was good. But it became official that I was definitely going to see Avatar in theaters when my roommate’s boyfriend described it as “The greatest love story of our time”.

The call came on a chilly Wednesday night, the night before Christmas Eve. Few people were still left in Manhattan, which is probably why I got the call… Or maybe it’s my ‘can do’ attitue, I don’t know… But the call came in, “Wanna go see Avatar at 8:45 in Chelsea?” Um… It’s 7:45 and I was planning on going out tonight. But I shelved my desire to black out the night before Christmas Eve like a bad-ass Jewess, and decided to carpe diem.

Then I tried to buy tickets on Fandango. Sold out in Chelsea for the 8:45 show. Sold out in Union Square for the 9:10 show. Available in Kips Bay for the 9:30. Ugh, Kips Bay? Fine. I smoked myself silly and headed for the 6 train, on which I ran into a former co-worker (who is also one of my faithful readers’ husbands!) and described to him at length all of the feelings I had about Avatar.

And then, it all happened. Avatar amazingness. My recommendation on this movie: SEE IT RIGHT NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!!

First of all, you have to see Avatar in 3D. I don’t even understand what it’s going to be like once it comes out on DVD and I don’t really understand the point of not seeing it in 3D. 3D was how it was made to be seen. See it how James Cameron wants you to see it. When James Cameron says jump, I say how high. My next mission is to see avatar in 3D Imax, which I’m banking on being an incredibly amazing experience.

Ladies- Sam Worthington is so good looking it’s not even fair. And if you can’t watch him as a human slash Avatar for 3 hours, then there’s something wrong with you. At one point Sam Worthington’s facial hair/scruff is so perfect, it brought a tear to my eye. And I know it doesn't look like your type of movie, but seriously, it is nearly impossible to not be entertained for the entire three hours. It's just... great. And the music ooooh ho ho the music. Titanic up a storm.

Gentlemen – If you don’t enjoy the bad ass 3D action scenes this movie has to offer, then I’m pretty sure you’re not a man. This is the next Star Wars. The next, other-stupid-action-slash-scifi-slash-fantasy-movie-that-guys-are-in-love-with. And, as my dear friend Dennis Reynolds says: “What's the one thing missing from all action movies these days, guys? Full penetration.”

Ok, so there isn’t full penetration, but there is definitely some freaky-blue-alien on freaky-blue-alien sex at one point. Avatar successfully combines a shit load of action with a love plot. And I’ve heard the complaints about the cheesiness of the love story in Avatar, but I spit on these complaints (insert spit noise here).

The love story scratched me right where I itched. And James Cameron broke his Titanic mold and (SPOILER ALERTseriously skip the rest of this paragraph) did not kill off who I thought he would. Resulting in an ending that really warmed my heart.

One aspect of Avatar that I really enjoyed was all the metaphorical shit. I mean, yeah, I was high, but there were messages and connections in that movie left and right. The main topics that jumped out at me were: Colonialism and Expansion, Mother Nature, War, Terrorism, ya know, the usual hot button issues.

Jimmy C had the typical Hollywood liberal view, which of course I would never hate on because my views are riiiiiiiight in line with that. So I really enjoyed it. But if you think the military should bust in on naturally rich land inhabited by its native dwellers for a the sake of making money, then you will probably feel otherwise. And I also don’t like you.

I actually had just watched Fly Away Home (before Anna Paquin was a vampire lover) and Avatar reminded me of that in a weird way. Telling a compelling story to get your points across to the masses, is just a classic approach to movie making. Telling a story. Sending a message. Being entertained. A tip of the hat to you, James Cameron.

And yeah sometimes it’s really typical in the sense that this message has been told before and the story can be obvious, but I don’t think that’s so horrible. You don’t need a 6th-Sense-style twist at the end of every movie (but if you wanna talk about crazy twists and revelations, The Illusionist is my favorite, even though I hate Paul Giamatti with the fire of a thousand suns). Taking a story that’s been told before and telling it in your own way is creative.

Lastly, you will see things in Avatar that you have never seen before. Not to sound really typical, but Avatar is totally “visually stunning”. He legit invented an entire world. And it's all real. Well, it's obviously not real at all. But it feels like it is. And it's awesome. I will move to Pandora tomorrow and become an Avatar and hang with the Na'vi people forever and ever!


Thuaners said...

awesome review of avatar! i agree completely :D james cameron is a movie making god! :)

Brady said...

Thanks, Thuaners!

I actually was jumping up and down when James won the Golden Globe and when Avatar won. It's just so amazing. I still need to go back and see it in IMAX!!!!