Friday, January 8, 2010

A Window Into My Mind (and Soul)

You may or may not know that looking up what shows and movies actors have been in on IMDB while I'm watching TV is my favorite thing to do. Even favoriter (yeah, I done did it now) is knowing these facts from my mind without looking at IMDB. Looking up filmographies, is probably the action I do most on my phone, second only to BBM.

Below is an example of what was running through my head while I watched Cougar Town on Wednesday night...

Did I really just construct these pictures in a Word document, print them out on a photo printer (thrice) and draw family-tree style lines to different show titles while at work? Yes... Yes I did.

This cast has been ALL over the place as far as television go. And I love it.

On another note, I had a revelation during Cougar Town on Wednesday night, Scott Foley is extremely sexual. I've known Scott for a long time (and by know I mean I watched Felicity religiously. Big Whoop). But I never thought of him in a sexual way. Ever. Maybe he just did a really good job at playing Noel on Felicity. His character was supposed to be Felicity's best friend who she wasn't really attracted to. He was perfect for it. Especially when you throw super sexual Scott Speedman into the mix. Why would you even look at Scott Foley with Scott Speedman around? Say Scott again. Scott.

Thinking back on Felicity, how pathetic was she!? She stalked a guy she was obsessed with across the country for college and then stalked him even more once they arrived in NYC. God, I can't even imagine what kind of shit would have gone down if she had had access to Facebook. But she got him in the end, so I guess it was worth it?? All I know is if she was my friend I would have given her tons of shit for her psychotic behavior. And for whispering all the time.

Anyway, unfortunately for me, Scott Speedman, Canadian God, has fallen off the map. So when Scott Foley appeared on my TV on Wednesday night, I was pleasantly surpsied by everything he's got going on. I wasn't that crazy about him in Scrubs either, but maybe that's just because I was always rooting for Elliot and JD to be together and when Scott came on the show to date Elliot it threw off my Chi. I don't know, maybe he's gotten better with age, but I really hope to see him on Cougar Town for a while longer, I will tell you that much (and more, if you ask).

And a quick note on Scrubs, I don't know if you all have been watching it currently, but it started off pretty rocky with it's new characters, but I think Tuesday night it finally hit its stride and is really funny again. Phew!

Also, Cougar Town was awesome this week. I have taken the liberty to embed the episode below. Enjoy.

My apologies for all who are unfamiliar with this subject matter and consequently do not understand most of what I'm saying in this post. As this post is a window into my mind (and soul), I decline to further explain myself unless specifically asked.

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