Monday, January 11, 2010

The Butterfly Effect

What is The Butterfly Effect? Well, from what I know from the trailer of the Ashton Kutcher movie with the same title, it is when a butterfly flaps its wings and causes a Tsunami across the globe. Yes? No? Don't care. It loosely reminded me of what I'm about to write about so I made it the title. Deal with it. But here is the Wikipedia definition, because I'm really just here to educate you, "The butterfly effect is a metaphor that encapsulates the concept of sensitive dependence on initial conditions in chaos theory; namely that small differences in the initial condition of a dynamical system may produce large variations in the long term behavior of the system."

And now, on to my story:

Once upon a weekend, I was watching Mean Girls on TV during one of the top 10 worst hangovers of my life (I got home at 4am, ate a cheesy gordita crunch and woke up promptly at 9am to vomit it into my bedside garbage can. I was really nervous that I’d never be able to eat a cheesy gordita crunch again after feeling the ground beef and special sauce on the way up, but don’t worry, I had another one later that day, crisis averted.) and good old Amanda Seyfried was on the screen. My friend said, “I’m so excited for Big Love to come back.” And I was like, “Why is Amanda Seyfried even on Big Love still?” Literally, the next day? News: Amanda Seyfried leaving Big Love.

Ok, so other than the fact that I’m obviously a psychic entertainment mastermind, this really got me thinking. Thinking about like the John Lennon (Butterfly) Effect for actors. Actors who decide to leave a show so they can take off on their own and leave everyone else in the dust. And also ruin my life. I really don’t know if anyone’s been as successful at that move than Justin Timberlake, because he kinda took the world by storm. But in TV, when a main character leaves the show, it’s sad (ok, traumatizing... but maybe just for me) and it’s never the same again. EVER!

For Amanda Seyfried, This is definitely the right move. She’s on the way up and is getting cast in movie after movie (if you think I’m not seeing Dear John in theaters you’re a fool). Being on a TV show is just holding her back. I assume she doesn’t have a huge role on Big Love, but I’ve never watched the show. But I’m sure losing her isn’t going to be detrimental for the show. Bill Paxton is hot (true or false: I have had a sex dream about him), Ginnifer Goodwin is skinny now (that's how you spell Jennifer? I mean, honestly), Chloe Lesbo Sevigny is weird, Jeanne Triplehorn is a bad ass, they’ll be fine.

But lets talk about some people of the past who pulled this move and, in effect, ruined my life. Number one: Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher. That '70s Show, a masterpiece in television, basically died when Topher exited at the end of the 7th season. The 8th season soon became the final season. Oh really Topher Grace? You had to leave so you could go make a cinematic masterpiece that was In Good Company? Please. Fuck you, ScarJo. Actually, when you check out Topher's filmography he's done almost nothing since leaving the show. Thanks, Topher. Thanks for NOTHING!

I was somehow lucky enough to catch the series finale for the first time around 1am on New Years Eve this year (Yeah, so what?) and was really happy that both Topher and Ashton came back for the final episode. But still. I wish the cast had decided together when to end the show. Because I could have watched them smoke in that basement ‘til kingdom come.

The Final Season Cast:

Now, people that I’m terrified are going to do this in the near future is really what I’ve been thinking about lately. They’re going to think they’re too famous to be on TV and leave amazing shows. Number one: Jason Segel.

How I Met Your Mother without Mashall Eriksen would be a crime against humanity. Not only is Marshall integral to the Marshall-Lily relationship, but Ted and Barney also need Marshall. The HIMYM cast is a family, and losing any of them would be the demise of the show. Last night was the 100th episode of HIMYM and it really was an A+. It included a full on musical number that was just... genius.

One thing on my to-do list is to watch Freaks & Geeks, because not only is it a Judd Appatow show, but Jason Segel is in it. And I’ve heard it’s hilarious. Let’s just hope the jokes aren’t as gay as the Big Bang Theory. Oy.

And yet without leaving how can Jason Segal really reach his full comedic potential? He writes, he acts, he’s tall, he’s sexual. It’s gotta be tiring. But his most recent venture, I Love You Man, left a lot to be desired. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is what really made me think he might leave TV behind. But he’s still with us. God (who?) bless his soul.

The other one I’m seriously worried about (laugh if you will) is Kyle Howard on My Boys. Yes, I’m one of the 10 people in the world who watches the TBS original series My Boys starring Jordana Spiro. And ever since Kyle Howard first laid his D on a one Lauren Conrad I’ve been really nervous about My Boys.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m team Conrad, but I have this scary feeling that Lauren’s going to say something to him about the lameness of his show and encourage him to quit and do something better. My Boys without Bobby would just be ridiculous, especially since Bobby and PJ are dating now (Finally!)

Would Seinfeld have been Seinfeld if any of the original four had left to go make a solo career for themselves? NO! Icon! Icon! Icon! Nocon! (get the ref).

I know there are like hundreds of other examples of this but can’t really think of any other big ones right now… Can you??? Feel free to let me know with a comment.

The only other one that comes to mind is Lauren Conrad leaving Laguna Beach and The Hills. Sigh. When are my good MTV shows coming back??? Jersey Shore post to come. Don’t get too excited, I’m going to hate… hard.


Katy Regan said...

Yes, I'm reading your blog. Yes, I'm posting a comment. But only to tell you that there are actually 12 people who watch My Boys... you 10 plus Patrick and Katy Regan :) By the way, love the cheesy gordita crunch shout-out.

Brady said...

Um, you best be reading my blog. I'd be lying if I said I never read Keeping Up With The Regans. Duh.

Ah! I can't believe you guys watch too! I'm so in love with that show. All I want to do is hang out with them at Crowly's forever and ever.

Haha, the CGC vomiting experience would not have been possible without Regan Weekend 2k9. So much fun. So much snow. So much alcohol.

Tori said...

you best watch freaks and geeks asap. it's ridic...

umm, obvi my boys is amazing - when is that coming back??

Ali said...

Reason #288 why you should move to LA:
Jason Segel films HIMYM on the Fox lot, I pass him most days chillin’ on the back of a golf cart smoking cigs, we have a brief eye sex and then I go to my office. True story.

Brady said...

Tori - Idk. The website just says "returning in 2010". I feel like probably in the late spring and then run through the summer. But I would be very happy if it was sooner than that!

Ali - Turn that eye sex into real sex and then convince him to hire me as a writer for HIMYM. Great. Thanks. I don't like that he smokes cigs. Ugh, Cali.

Alan Whickers said...

Jack White, Jimi Hendrix, Jadakiss, Phil Collins, David Byrne... the mind reels with musical examples of the JT phenomenon you discuss. TV, that's your game.

Brady said...

Yeah, but how good is JT?

Alan Whickers said...

I think an interesting study could be done on this. If I were the one to do it, I'd keep these things in mind:

- whether the person left the band/show because the person thought he/she was too good and everyone else was dragging him/her down (Simon, Hendrix)? or did the band's/show's existence just kind of end naturally (Clapton, Steve Winwood)?

- whether the person was the centerpiece of/star of/creative genius behind the band/show in the first place (see: everyone on my list with the questionable exception of Neil Young)

That might be giving too much thought to it. But as you well know, that's what I do : harder looks at things you don't think about that hard.

bird said...

I fear that u r extremely self absorbed and missed the message completely. (Not of the Butterfly effect movie, but of the global situation). Stumbled upon ur blog, but just had to comment... I guess that's part of the 'effect'.
I'm thinking that u may be hoping that u will be long dead before global effects affect you.
I hope u continue to be Eyore (from the hundred acre wood) and eventually grow up after u find your tail. Maybe u should try reading instead of watching tv. Just a suggestion.

Alan Whickers said...

yeah bitch get a life lol