Monday, March 15, 2010

My Boyfriends

Take a gander at my lover's appearance on SNL this weekend. I obviously didn't see it until today, because SNL sucks camel dick and I've totally stopped watching. But I'm glad I got to see this little gem. I'll take any dose of Jerry I can get. He's a drug and I'm addicted.

But why on earth has Jerry never hosted SNL? I get the feeling that they've asked them and he's turned them down. But I'm intrigued. And in love. Happy Monday.

Oh and here's a video of my other boyfriend. Yes, I call both of these people "my boyfriend" even though they are both married. Whatever. Get over it.

Facial. Hair. Sexual.

Oh, and sorry if you can't view either of these now because you're at work and you can't. Stop working someplace that sucks, that's my forte. Big up to @tt126 for having nothing to better to do with her time than send me videos that I will enjoy.


Trey said...

The Sein hosted in 1999

Brady said...

Oh. That does sound familiar. After Seinfeld was over. Hmmmm. Well, he should be up there in the recurring hosts with Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin and Christopher Walken if you ask me!