Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Green Is The New Black / Nalgene’s Are So 1998.

The hottest water bottle style around this season, (and last season) for sure is Sigg bottles. At first I didn’t get this trend. I’m all for being green, but these canteens kind of weirded me out for a while. I even wanted my parents to trade cars with me because they had a hybrid and I wanted to be green. And then when they offered to get me a new car I obviously took full advantage of it and got my dream car instead of a hybrid. I’m sure you feel REALLY bad for me right now. HA. If it’s any consolation, which I’m sure it’s not, I only had my “dream car” for a year AND I still regret not getting a Prius. Sometimes I am tempted to move to a city where cars or necessary (or at the very least, acceptable/affordable) so that I can get a Prius and right my wrong. Walk backwards in my carbon footprints, if you will. 

Anyway, the reviews are in and I have decided I looooove my Sigg water bottle. It took me a while to get one because I wanted the perfect color. This is not a decision to go about willy-nilly, the color of a water bottle that you’re going to be toting around with you EVERY day is a big one. It’s basically like a second purse- an accessory to be viewed and judged by your peers and the other random people who see you with it... And gay men.  When I saw the perfect shade of blue/green one day at Whole Foods, I knew it was time for me to just got for it. And when I found out it was like $20, although annoyed, I still went for it. 

My main issue with the Sigg bottle, which deterred me from re-entering the world of no-waste water packaging, is that I was convinced there would be a metallic taste involved. If you didn’t think there was a weird/distinct taste with a Nalgene bottle (no matter how many times you washed it) then I think you should get your taste buds examined. But I took a sip from my roommate’s Sigg bottle at the gym and was seriously shocked when there was no metallic taste involved.  My other issue is that the mouth isn’t really big enough to fit ice cubes into. And I love me some chilled agua. There’s nothing better. But, the Sigg has some magical powers… 

Yesterday was my first day using mine. I seriously think I drank, at the very least, a total of 3 liters of water while at work yesterday. That’s some serious fucking water drinking right there. The water was delicious. I’m usually fine with drinking tap water as long as it’s cold. When it warms up to somewhere between cold and room temperature it usually tastes a little icky. But yesterday my Sigg water was delicious. I couldn’t stop drinking it. I didn’t want to stop drinking it. Ever. 

It’s hard for me to get used to carrying around water, which is strange because I love water and am always thirsty. But, and maybe this is a totally Kings-Highway-Elementary-School-specific thing, I was never in a class where people had water bottles on their desks. I remember walking by other classrooms and seeing every single desk having a water bottle on it. 

Not like a Poland Spring water bottle, but like a water bottle from home that you brought every day, or maybe you left it there? Who knows! What a mystery! My mind is and was boggled by these classrooms (shout out to anyone who had Mrs. Cirino, because that’s the main one I remember as being water-bottle land). And apparently I either never socialized outside of the people who were in my classes OR just never asked any of my friends in those classes, but it mystifies me to this day. If you have any answers, your comments would be greatly appreciated.

But even after a day full of Sigg-loving/writing/drinking, I somehow managed to leave it in my fridge this morning and forget to bring it to work. So typical of me on so many levels. Awesome. 

And finally: HAPPY EARTH DAY! What a time-appropriate/relevant post!

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