Friday, October 2, 2009

"It's my way, or the lame way" - Spencer Pratt, The Hills season premiere

I hate PCs. I didn’t think I’d become one of these people… I swear I didn't. As I have stated before, I used to hate Mac’s and Mac products. I didn’t get an iPod until way after most people (not my roommate though, I think she held out for like generation 5 iPod, and in the meantime used an “mp3 player” that held something like 75 songs. Ah, memories.) And then when my 3-year old PC was running slow my senior year, it was an Acer (yup, I had a computer by Texas Instruments, and it was basically a 15 lb. TI-83, no biggie) I decided to make the switch.

But I’ve gotten to the point where I legitimately like people less when I find out they have PCs and genuinely like them more when I find out they have Macs. First of all, PCs are slow. They’re ugly and they’re slow - like the contents of a special ED classroom. I’m sorry, ugly and slow people exist, and that’s fine, I’m hating on them at all. But if you could chose attractive, sleek and fast instead, wouldn’t you go with that? Exactly. It’s why people get amniocentesis done. If you can avoid the slow and ugly, you do.

Here’s the thing. I know where you’re coming from. I was a PC until 3 years ago. I get it. We all learned our way around the modern computer by learning the Windows system. It’s confusing and scary to switch to something new. It takes learning and time and I was scared too. And I get not wanting to learn something new! Learning is time consuming and hard and I’d rather just not. I’m way too lazy.

Actually, the way I learned my way around a Mac was by being forced. All the computers in the Journalism Lab at the University of Richmond (whattup 4th floor of Weinstein hall) were Macs. So there I was. A PC in a Mac world. I was so resistant to change. So set in my ways. But I had no way out. I had decided to be a Journalism major, literally all of my classes were going to be in this Mac filled room, I had to learn it.

So I eased my way in. I don’t remember how it happened exactly. But with some help along the way, I figured out how to use a Mac. And once you do that, there’s no better feeling in the world. What an accomplishment. But the thing about learning a Mac is, it’s really not that hard at all. You go to “Macintosh HD” instead of “Start”. And then for your programs you go into “Applications”. That’s it. That’s literally all you need to know about using a Mac. It’s that easy.

As a good friend gchatted me the other day when we were in the midst of boosting each other’s ego’s about how we’ve gotten our entire families to switch over to Macs, “It just works better with everything a person needs in life.” It’s just true. And last time I had the PC vs. Mac argument with a friend one of his main points was that PCs sell so much more than Macs, so obviously they’re better.

A. PCs are cheaper (dollar-wise… but also, obviously quality-wise). B. Just because “more people” like it means it’s better? More people voted for George Bush… Oh wait… I guess that doesn’t work, since George Bush lost the popular vote. But my point there was supposed to be, just because the masses have accepted it, does NOT mean it’s the better option.

If anything, it proves that it’s the wrong decision. Because if you’re going to base your life decisions off of what the majority of the American public is doing, you are going to be watching American Idol every night and your piece of shit computer is going to be the least of your problems.


Patrick Doyle said...

gospel. plus the spaces function is one of the coolest things ever to happen to computers. PLUS, if you buy a mac you don't have to buy a new computer 6 months later, which is when a pc usually starts sucking. ahbooyah. great post.

slenslee said...

Two posts hating on PC's leifer? that's excessive, enough of the mac fawning, listen, the reason why pc's = better is if you want to dl bootleg programs or movies, pc's the way to go. If you're not a moron, your pc will work fine for millions of years. plus we have a right click button, something Apple finds to be offensive, and that offends me. Love justin long, but he can suck it.

Patrick Doyle said...

i'm really happy for you, and imma let you finish, but the two-finger scroll is the best thing to happen to computers since al gore invented the internet. plus, if the thought of watching porn on your personal computer enters your head, the life of your pc is immediately depleted by one half. this may be what youre talking about when you refer to being a moron, but i can be a moron AND have the same comp for 4 years with a mac.

Brady said...

God. Doyle really speaks the truth. The two-finger scroll, something I didn't know about until approx 1 year ago has changed my life. If I am on a computer that doesn't have a two-finger scroll my mood plummets and my ora becomes a dark brown. It's a horrible thing to experience. Right click is totally over rated. What do you use that for? Copy/Paste? First of all if I'm doing copy/paste i OBVI do it through my keys "apple C" and "apple V". And there is a right click on a mac, it's just not a right click. you just press control and click normally and the "right click" menu appears. MAGIC! Another tid bit of info that although DIFFERENT from a PC is still there, you just have to break out of your Windows mindset and know where to find it.

dontgetsentimental said...

Brady, where the eff have you been? Bulimia misses you.