Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let it snow.

Ok. I know everyone's been talking about the weather for weeks now (well, if you know someone/anyone in DC you have) and I don't want to be cliche and obvious about this, but I feel like I would be socially remiss if I did not address the situation right now.

Snow. It happens. It's really not that new. It's been happening for as long as I've been alive and as long as you've been alive. And I get that when there's more than a foot of snow, unless you are in the deep north, it's not going to be handled well and people are going to freak out.

With that said, everyone needs to calm the F down. Snow isn't AIDS. It's not a mystery disease that no one knows the cure for. We don't need fundraisers to pay scientists and Doctors to solve our problem. There is a terribly easy solution to this - THE SNOW PLOW.

If you live below the Mason-Dixon line, it's possible you don't know what a snow plow is. I went to school in Richmond, Virginia and it snows maybe twice a winter there on average. But when it does, that half an inch of snow drives people absolutely insane. Cars run off the road as soon as the first flake touches the pavement, the power immediately goes off and school is cancelled. And how is the snow moved from the street? Oh, they put spinny brushes on golf carts and drive them around campus. Like... No. In Richmond's defense it did get pounded with more than a foot of snow twice so far this winter. So that's kind of intense.

How are you supposed to be taken seriously when you can't remedy such an easy thing? You get a snow plow and you plow the roads. This whole debacle has really forced me to take a closer look at our government and to be even more critical than usual. If you're not budgeting money to take care of something like this, than what the hell are you doing? If I knew more about this I would go way into it and take a deep, hard-hitting look at the government. But I swore that off circa 2004.

Now, I'm not a total asshole. I know that snow plows don't come cheap. And the ones we have in New York are bad ass. They're like really not messing around. But in DC and Richmond? All they need is an attachment for a pick up truck. And BAM! The roads are clear! It is seriously an embarrassment to our government and our country that the government closes down after a couple of inches. And yes I'm aware that the past few days was much more than a couple of inches, so they get a "pass".

So yes. Those are my feelings. And now New York is expecting over a foot of snow throughout the rest of today. But I take the subway to work and walk 2 blocks on either end, so this barely affects me. Yeah, I get a little snowy, but I survive... It's snow... And everyone got work cancelled or is leaving early. But not this girl. Proud to be sitting in an empty office with no calls or e-mails coming in (because no one else in the world is at work). Don't worry, I brought my Netflix in. So I should be fine.


abby said...

HAHA Braids so true. I was so hoping to be told "It's much too dangerous to come in, please work from home" but no such email came. Instead I got to work just fine and here I am doing...NOTHING! Sweet. My friend who works for the govt in DC hasn't been at work all week long.

Brady said...

I know, right!?!?!? Well I just went out to lunch with my friend since he has off work and lives not too far from my office. Hot Chocolate from a diner was just what I needed.

Yeah my friend in DC hasn't has work since Thursday. Ridic.

bdleifer said...

trying to post a comment. It never works...I LOVE SNOW and have great memories of snowy says in wport with you and your brother. What am I doing in florida? they think 65 is freezing here, pathetic

Daddies said...

Thank you! I thought I was alone here.

Brooklynfluff said...

If I'd read this post at 11AM I would have agreed with you, 'snow, nbd,' but now, at 3, after several futile attempts to do day-off things like get a manicure or go to the gym I have to face the cruel reality: I'm snowed in with nothing more than a coconut water and Coors light in my fridge. I may not survive snow day 2/10.