Thursday, February 25, 2010

Take My TV Recommendations. I'm a Professional TV Watcher.

The Sarah Silverman Program is… different. It’s like a mix of sketch comedy and a sitcom. Sketch-style comedy without actual sketches... Each episode has one main storyline that it doesn’t really deviate from (like a sitcom) but all of the scenes in which the story is perpetuated are more sketch-like than sitcom-like. Shit tends to get really weird (or "conceptual", if you will). But as long as you're down for it, you're going to have a great time and laugh a lot.

Simply put, her show is kind of amazing. You have to get over the fact that nothing in the show would ever happen in real life. Like in last week’s episode (the only episode I've seen from this season) to pull a prank on a prankster, Sarah drops a can of paint (or pan of caint, as I said when describing it to a friend) attached to a string a la Home Alone. Instead of just knocking the person over it decapitates them.

The rest of the episode has Sarah suing Home Alone (represented in court as a VHS tape that says “Home Alone” in Sharpie-pen writing). She then wins her case and becomes in charge of all TV programming.

The Sarah Silverman ProgramThursday, 10:30pm / 9:30c
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Are these things that could ever happen in the real world? No. Never. Are these things that happen in Sarah Silverman’s mind? Yes. Are they awesome and hilarious? Yes yes and yes.

The show is actually in it’s third season. Which is kind of a big deal. I guess some exec at Comedy Central realizes how amazing it is. But I only know one other person in the world that actually watches it, which is pretty Lemony Snickets. I would like to add you to that list. Go watch. Now.

My advice for getting into the show is just realize how funny everything is. If you start thinking “This is stupid” you’re going to hate it immediately. Take it all with a grain of salt and you’ll be LOLing by yourself in no time. It’s insanely creative.

I was trying to find a full version of my favorite episode, which is about AIDS, in which Sarah says “When God gives you AIDS, make lemon-AIDS”. Priceless. My other favorite scene is from the pilot, is when Sarah gets drunk on cough syrup (“Maximum strength, night time use only. Like my body knows what time it is. Advertisers.”) and wakes up with her car parked in the middle of a children’s playground and a police officer at her window and then my fave line happens:

Officer Jay: M'am do you know why I'm standing here?
Sarah: You got all C's in high school?

So if you’re not easily offended and you like to laugh at ridiculous things, definitely check out The Sarah Silverman Program on Comedy Central tonight at 10:30, unless you’re out contracting AIDS somewhere. I’d say watching TV is a safer choice, especially with all this snow.

FYI it includes a gay couple that looks like This:

(yes, that’s the mail guy, Kevin, from Just Shoot Me on the right… If you’re losery enough to know that like me and/or follow him on Twitter like me... wattup @thebrianposehn)

And a cop that looks like this:

(Who seems to be always playing a cop… But could you find a more cop-ish looking cop? I think not. Perfection. That mustache is priceless.)

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