Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And that's what you missed... On GLEE!

Glee is amazing. Sorry, I have this whole post set up recapping the NBC Thursday finales from last week and now I can’t even fathom doing that. And this wasn’t even the finale. And I HAVE to bring to your attention the greatest song/performance to ever grace the airwaves.

First of all, Lea Michele’s voice, quite literally, brings tears to my eyes most times I hear it. And you know what? She’s weird and obnoxious and strange but her voice is ground breaking. Glee couldn’t exist as a show without her.

I have a friend who writes musicals and I remember talking to him a couple years back about what he was up to and what projects he was working on. One of them was some sort of musical sitcom/tv show. In my head I was like “good luck with that, the world is not ready for such a thing.” But we are… We really really are.

I say we’re not open to just any musical TV show. Like a show in the Dream Girls style where people just burst into song for no reason half the time would be a disaster. But I also have to admit that I hate Dream Girls despite my love for anything musical.

In order to break the norm and come out with something totally different it has to be beyond fantastic. Lea Michele’s voice is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. And you know what? It deserves to be heard by the masses. It should not be restricted to Broadway. It should be on a show that appeals to a bunch of people, on a show that is the first of it’s kind.

Now lets address some fears I have for Glee. Glee is different not only because it has music, but it’s also a hilarious comedy. And yes there's drama in there too, but there's a ton of comedy. And comedies typically don’t run for an hour. Glee does. It’s just so funny and amazing when they’re being funny that I’m scared the greatness just can’t last.

It’s not easy to be funny for 24 episodes of a full season on a half hour show. How Glee has managed to do it is really impressive. I mean, they did take a longer hiatus than other shows, leaving us at the beginning of December and not returning until April, whereas most shows return in January. So that did give them some time to get their shit together.

But yeah, we’ll see what happens. You don’t want to have to go for so long that you start making up ridiculous plot points, like Grey’s Anatomy fake pretending to kill a major character every week (I stopped watching like 2 years ago when they tried to kill Meredith). It’s insulting.

My only issue with Glee is I’m pretty sure Quinn should have given birth like months ago and they don’t even make her look pregnant. At all.

PS I have been listening to Poker Face by Lea Michele and Idina Menzel on repeat for the entire time I wrote this. Normal.


abby said...

How do you have a Glee post without even mentioning the hilarity of Jane Lynch?!

Brady said...

Haha. My mistake! Jane Lynch is a great source of comedy on that show. Her insults are awesome. My favorite is when she calls Kurt "Lady Face". Although my personal favorite Jane Lynch performance is 40 Year Old Virgin.

Ariel said...

What about the always amazeballs one liners from Brittany the blonde cherio? One of my personal favorites being "I think my cat is reading my diary"

Brady said...

i LOVE Brittany's one liners. They are amazing. I feel like I could start a blog composed of just her idiotic lines. They are hilarious.