Friday, May 15, 2009

It's The Most Hideous Time Of The Year

On an unrelated note: I arrived to work (read: the residential apartment building I work in) this morning to a horribly loud alarm going off in my office/apartment. I called down to the doorman, he heard the alarm through the phone and said “I’ll send someone up”. 30 minutes later I’m still getting blasted in the ears with this heinous noise. It is at this point I decide to take action.

The “alarm” is on the floor next to the window. I opened it and took the battery out. I’m basically a lady MacGyver in the making. So the alarm stopped, and 3 hours later no one has come to check on me. I know it’s not a smoke alarm, because a smoke alarm on the floor would be hilarious/stupid. But could it really be some sort of burglar alarm in this rich old persons building? In an apartment on the 12th floor of a building with no fire escape? I. Am. Baffled. Maybe it’s a Carbon Dioxide alarm and I’m about to fall down dead. Nice.

Soooooo, why is this the most hideous time of year, Brady? You spend your days marveling about how you wish this weather could be like this everyday of your life. And you want to eat all of your meals outside even though you probably do that less than once a week. What’s your beef?

I’m glaaaaaaaad you asked. It’s because this is the time of year when TV shows come to an end. Last night, as I got into bed upon my arrival home at 10:30, every description on my DVR had the words “season finale” in it. It was SO sad. No new 30 Rock? I don’t see how I can possibly go on. 30 Rock is my sun, my moon, my everything. I need it to get out of bed in the morning. I need it to continue living. A Thursday without 30 Rock is like… I don’t know… Something really really awful. When I have my own sitcom we’re not going to have seasons. It’s just going to go on forever. And maybe as many people who read this blog will watch my show (aka my close friends and family… and not even that many of them). And just when the show is starting to go into the part of Tina Fey's life we're all familiar with. The anticipation for next season is already killing me. Who remembers when Alec Baldwin called his daughter a pig? No one. Because 30 Rock fixes everything. It rights all wrongs. It is everything that is good and pure.

But on the plus side, I do enjoy the team B of shows that make the rounds in the summer. New sitcoms that only last for 3 episodes, ya know, stuff like that. And so help me God, if Entourage doesn’t come back sometime in the near future (I know it’s not really a summer show anymore, but I like to pretend like it still is) I will totally FREAK OUT. People like to hate on Entourage, but I’ve always liked it. Even when it was bad, I maintained that it was good. It’s like, certain shows and actors do the same thing every time. If it’s a good thing, then by all means, go for it. Entourage falls in that category (as do Jeremy Piven and Adrian Grenier).

Vince Vaughn falls in that category (Yeah, I saw Fred Claus, in theaters. What?). Will Ferrell has a cast of varieties of the same thing, but you know it’s all pretty much the same. But these people pull it off. Because it’s good. And it’s funny. Scarlett Johansson (yeah, I brought her up again, so what??) does the same thing every time, but it is awful. It is something no one should ever have to watch. But somehow she just keeps coming at me with the same character and the same look and the same voice and it’s enough to make me want to start cutting myself.

So although I watched all the comedy season finales last night (30 Rock, Parks & Recreation and The Office) I still have my drama finales to go (Grey’s and Brothers & Sisters). But what do I do after that? Start watching movies? Sorry, that is way too much of a time commitment for me. Seriously, the two movies I have on Netflix right now I have had, in my possession, since December. That’s right, I have paid Netflix no less than $75 to simply keep these DVDs in my apartment and not watch them. Awesome.

Live comedy shows at Upright Citizens Brigade and The Pit might be my only option… but I can’t do that from my bed, so it’s a far less attractive option.

And now I give you, a tribute to 30 Rock, brought to you by my borderline psychotic obsession and the wonders of Google image. May God (who?) rest your soul until you return again in the fall. I'll miss you everyday.


Claire and Joseph said...

Wow, truer words have never been spoken. Couldn't agree with you more. This summer, all I have to look forward to is "Rescue Me." That's it. Claire will be satisfied with "America's Got Talent" and "The Cleaner." I'm so despondent over this I've actually considered watching the dramas that air on TNT. Ugh.

dontgetsentimental said...

Brady, we might be in a fight if you read my last post where I spew hatred all over Grey's Anatomy. Let's try to get through it.