Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Manual Labor and Physical Injuries.

Let me tell you about my day. First, while trying to get ready, I side swiped the metal part of my desk chair with my knee. It was one of those toe-stubbing injuring when you're just like "HOW did this even happen!?!?!?" The pain was INTENSE and lasted at full intensity for at least a full minute. It's still sore and now also very black and blue. So I started my day off with a bang (pun intended!) and I limped off to work.

Then I had to go down to my old office, which is now just an empty room, to wait for some people to pick things up. The first pick-up went semi-smoothly. These people were taking our old copy machine away and lets just say I highly doubt it's going to function after the way it was clumsily man handled.

The second pick up was from FedEx. When they did not show up in the half hour time window I had requested I called good old 1-800-GO-FEDEX, which was not easy to do because on a BlackBerry you cant see which letters correlate to which numbers. So I had to write out the following: "2-abc, 3-def, 4-ghi, 5-jkl, 6-mno, 7-pqrs, 8-tuv, 9-wxyv". And then once I dialed G-O-F-E-D-E-X I saw that I had programmed FedEx into my phone because I have had this exact issue before. AWESOME.

Then when I get through to FedEx I find out that the pick up I had scheduled online apparently did not go through. And usually I'd just be like "OK, whatever let's schedule it for tomorrow then" but I had had enough. This was the final straw. I had already labeled 19 large and heavy boxes with their FedEx labels and I was NOT going to do it all over again. So what did I decide? To take the boxes to FedEx myself. There was a small dolly/cart in my office, so I strapped 3 boxes, each between 25 and 50 lbs, onto the cart with a bungee cord and was on my way.

The FedEx was like 3/4 of an avenue and 1 street away. I only had to cross one street to do this. Going down the curb, across the street, and then up the curb wasn't fun, but it wasn't awful. Then, I get to FedEx and there's this giant step. Well this is just stupid. If people are going to be carrying large packages into your store, make it easy for them. Don't throw down a step and then have 2 rounds of doors to go through (first one pull, second one push). I needed a goddamn ramp soooooooo badly.

The first trip, some guy on the street helped me pick my heavy load up onto the step. The second trip I somehow pulled it up and onto my left foot. The third trip I pulled it up and onto my right big toe. I made at least 8 trips, possibly more, and I think it took around 2 hours. And then when I was finally done, and trying to put the cart away in a closet, I hit my head on a shelf in the closet.



Sloan said...

Yep - that's an entry for

daviddoherty said...

you do realize that if you hold alt while dialing a number on blackberry it comes in as letters and then when you hit send the bb automatically converts them to the number...but i guess you would only have a half blog entry if you did that..."Oh we make the most popular phone in america-ville, and we forgot to include a way to call phone #'s with words and letters, effff itttt"
-Most recent Blackberry board meeting

Anonymous said...

wait for it.....


(quivering vag may not be to scale)