Friday, June 26, 2009

I’m surprised when he got to the hospital they didn't take his heart and just beat it.

I am so sick of celebrity deaths. WHO CARES!? You can act like you care, but lets face it, unless you REALLY love the celebrity who died, just get over it. Stop talking about it. People die. You didn’t know this person, you don’t even know anyone who knows this person. You should not be upset by this death. Be upset by something real, like celebrity break ups and weight gain. It’s one thing if an early death cuts someone’s career short, but that is NOT the case here.

Although I was also VERY bothered by how people reacted to Heath Ledgers death (I’m sorry, I don’t find overdoses very sad, maybe you shouldn’t have been doing copious amounts of drugs to begin with) that situation was different. He had his whole career ahead of him. Michael Jackson’s career was over. His death changes nothing, except for the 50 concerts in London he was planning on, which is just weird. Like really really weird.

Lets review what Michael Jackson has done in the past 15 years… NOTHING. Well, that’s not true, he did dangle his blanket covered child over a balcony and was accused of a countless instances of child molestation. But yeah, you should totally mourn his death. It’s really sad that a black-turned-white pop artist who touches little boys inappropriately is gone. Someone send Benson and Stabler to uncover the mystery behind this heinous crime. Boo. Hoo.

Finding the other people who don’t care about Michael Jackson’s death has been my mission in the past 24 hours. And although those people have been few and far between, I am overly joyous when I can relate to someone on that matter and choose to bond over it for as long as possible.

As I was saying, “don’t care” in response to the multiple BBMs and texts I got about MJ, my favorite response to my “don’t care” was one friend who said, “He didn’t have a nose, how could he breath?” CLASSIC.

“It’s really shocking.” Oh… is it? Is it really shocking that someone who has been ill for multiple decades has finally kicked the bucket? No. It’s not. Death is always semi-shocking because even if you know it’s coming you don’t know exactly when. But dying is the most normal thing Michael Jackson has done in the past 15 years. By the way, I pulled the number 15 out of my ass, but I think it’s pretty accurate. “Heal the World” is the last thing Michael Jackson did that was worth while, so lets just call that the end of his career.

I’m not saying he wasn’t a great performer. He was. And I’m also not saying he doesn’t have a very interesting life story, because between being a pop superstar before the age of 10, getting beaten by his father, continuing to go on to become the king of pop, and then completely changing from an African American to a Caucasian, yeah, that’s an interesting story. But just because his weirdness was off the charts and so were many of his songs, I just cannot bring myself to care about this. But beyond that, I actively do not care about it.

But if you are someone who has suddenly decided to have empathy, do it for someone other than Michael Jackson's friends and family. K thanks.


Jonathan said...


RIP Michael We ALL MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!

slenslee said...

My cousin and his friend share your sentiments

"Jason Lee: I heard 80 people got killed by an explosive in Iraq today, but who cares Michael Jackson is dead."

"His friend: I just ran over a grandmother in a wheel chair and dragged her a few hundred feet. but who cares, Michael Jackson is dead."

Aurie said...

agreed. don't careeeeeeeee (with hand motion, obvi)

erl said...

this was your funniest post yet. and i totally agree. my dad kept being like "omg i can't believe that Mj died" and i was like "DAD. I'm surprised his face hadn't caved in years ago."