Monday, June 1, 2009

Sexual Seduction

Although I typically agree with Chelsea Handler on almost all topics, I have found a chink in her armor. That doesn’t make sense. A fault in her logic, lets say.

Chelsea has a huge issue with redheaded guys. An issue I support and agree with. For some reason red hair on guys just does not work. One of my issues with the unattractiveness of redheaded guys is that if I ever procreate with one, I’m going to have ginger babies. And while I have pulled off being a ginger in a way that few dared to dream was even possible, this gift is not something that the male species can come across as easily. On girls it's possible, but for guys it's seemingly impossible... or so I had thought.

Because of current events / celebrity news, I was recently reminded of the one male who has actually successfully overcome the ginger gene and managed to be one of the most attractive people ever:

Prince Harry.

Prince Harry had his first trip to the big apple this weekend to play in the Veuve Cliquot Manhattan Polo Classic. Although the accent helps him be ridiculously attractive, he really would be fine without it. He’s got a Paul Bettany thing going on, but better.

Lets go over some of the factors that make Prince Harry so attractive: Is it the royalty? Yes. The accent? Yes. The pot smoking? Yes. The general badassness? Yes. The polo playing? Yes. The style? Yes. The modesty? Yes. The redheadedness? No… but yes?

It’s strange. It’s like he’s overcome this tremendous handicap in the world of shallow judging and I don’t even know if it’s because all the other stuff outweighs it. If you just saw him on the street or at a bar and he wasn’t a prince, he was just some guy you saw at Dorrian’s (although being at Dorrian’s would in itself be a point counted against him, but that’s just where I picture he would be if he wasn’t royalty) would he be attractive?

Sometimes I can’t tell. His gingerness is pretty intense, but doesn't have freckles, so that works in his favor. He also has kind of tanned skin, maybe it’s from being outside and playing polo, maybe it’s from being in Afghanistan and Africa (sexy). Since he and I are both daywalkers I think it might be a sign that we're meant to be. Either way there’s just something about him that just makes tweens slash all females melt.

Enjoy Matt Laur’s interview with P.Harry and observe for yourself if and how his red hair adds or subtracts from his overall attractiveness.

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